The company was founded in November 2002, current semiconductor, industry as the main service object, where industrial machine production operations are required to exercise control interface to control. The company is committed to the development of new industrial control panels (Human machine interface H M I ) and includes the hardware and software design and development ... and so on. Mainly services market covers the information industry, small and medium sized machinery manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturers, traders, are actively sought in the present company customers. Current domestic and foreign electronics, machinery, information industry booming, organization of the company was confident that strong lineup of excellent service quality under the advantage of rich creativity and reasonable price, market developments have confidence for the future, (A) creative rich (b) more active, quality of service (c) systematic and institutionalized structure of organization management services ... such as multiple competitive strength. The success of the company to a higher realm, achieve sustainable development for the benefit of social objectives.

Transformation as the manufacturing industry, the increasing use of the (Human machine interface H M I ) , electronic consumption and technology industry booming, growing importance of using the control interface board. Combination display and manipulate the service nature of machinery and equipment for the future the important components necessary for. Also for people and machinery by communication of important bridge, products of importance more highlight, its innovation and products stability degrees is company by focus of core, by development of products very forward , especially Taiwan electronic industry in international between reputation, was exciting, future except implementation lay solid of competition status, and expand both at home and abroad visibility, and training higher-order development personnel, and development overseas market.

Improving the competitiveness of the users, all customer demand for the highest level of service,provides a different specification models of (Human machine interface H M I ) ,If you have any suggestions welcome you immediately reactions, let us provide you a better solution. Management projects by: (a) Automatic control design of mechanical system. (b) Electronic equipment design and installation. (c) Information software retailing. (d) Electronic materials retail. (e) Information for software design and development.

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